Situated amongst mountains

One of Spain’s southern mainland cities and a destination of choice for many British tourists, Malaga forms part of the identically named province in on Andalusia’s Costa del Sol, on the Mediterranean Sea. Situated in a mountainous area, it is a delightful backdrop for photography and enjoys high temperatures all year round, with no less than eight months of summer and warm winters as well. With a history spanning over three millennia, Malaga was built by Phoenicians and developed under the ancient cultures of Carthage and Rome, to be later occupied by Arab invaders and re-conquered by emerging Christian Spain during the Middle Ages.

Malaga Cathedral, Andalucia, Spain

The influences shaping it were very diverse and visitors can observe numerous vestiges evoking them, particularly in Malaga’s historic centre, which is located near the harbour.

Visitors should not miss the Roman Theatre and remains of the Phoenician walls, which have managed to survive through so many agitated historical eras, as well as the Castle of Gibralfaro and Alcazaba palace, imposing structures illustrating medieval Moorish architecture.

Among its most prominent religious venues are the Church of the Holy Martyrs and Church of the Sacred Heart, both built in gothic style yet also encompassing particularities associated with other styles. Another notable attraction is the botanical and historical garden of La Concepcion, dating from mid 19th century, which now displays an impressive number of plants originating from all corners of the globe.

One of the most awaited times of the year is late summer, when the August Malaga Fair takes place. Akin to other parts of the country, the area is lively decorated, constantly pulsating with music, dancing and various local customs.

Malaga is also renowned for its Holy Week processions, held before Easter, which are deemed of an impressive magnitude. The city is also in the spotlight every April, during the Malaga Film Festival, which is internationally famous.

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