An island of history

One of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean sea, Minorca enjoys the same climate and similar landscapes as the larger island of Mallorca, located in the vicinity, as well as the status of an excellent tourist destination.

Minorca’s history differs from that of its neighbouring islands, as aside from all foreign occupations they underwent, it was also a British possession during the 18th century, conquered and retroceded to Spain no less than three times. The long periods of British domination left their mark on the island, particularly on its architecture, as many constructions encompass sash windows.

Cala Pregonda beach in Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Among the island’s most favoured attractions is Cap de Callaveria, the northern extremity of the island, where aside from breath-taking views, visitors can observe a lighthouse as well as a museum.

Cap de Callaveria Ecomuseum, located on a northern extremity, includes archaeological displays and multimedia presentations related to the area. While on Minorca one shouldn’t miss a trip to Mahon and its beautiful harbour, where distinctive fishing boats, built according to Arabic design, can still be seen.

Located near the town of Mahon are the Gardens of Es Freginal, offering a chance to contemplate a variety of floral displays in a tranquil setting.

The most intense period every year is that of the summer festivities, especially the three-day Festes de San Joan, a celebration held in Ciutadella, which culminates with the lighting of large bonfires and setting off fireworks, preceded by the peculiar parading of a sheep and black horses through the streets. Whereas this is undoubtedly bizarre, it attracts many tourists as it is a powerful local tradition.

Music events take place in Mahon, including a week dedicated to opera, an organ music festival and a third festival during the summer season. Ciutadella is also known as a prominent concert location on Minorca.

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