Fiestas and Ferias

Parties & Relaxation

Spain has long been famous for its cherishing of relaxation and partying, not surprisingly since in August, in many parts of the country, people belonging to most professions hardly work for weeks.

Local traditions are very varied and a participation is always a memorable experience, in any specific area you are visiting. Streets are colourfully decorated and the general outdoor setting is adapted for the start of the fiestas.

fireworks firecrackers exploding in smoke street in Spain festival

Fireworks are omnipresent and bonfires extremely common, and in general, each area organises at least one religiously significant fiesta. Notable ones include a festival honouring the Virgin of Sangrario, in Toledo, held on the 15th of August, where holy water, believed to have mystical properties, is distributed to attendants.

In Barcelona, between the 15th and 21st of August there is the Festa Major de Gracia, which involves local streets competing in terms of outdoor decoration, culminating in a sizeable street festivity.

Bull running is also very common, referred to as encierro, and literally entails allowing bulls to run freely through certain streets of a town or village, on a previously established path; perhaps not the safest thing to do yet perceived as an exciting and joyful tradition. Basic safety measures are in place in order to protect the local population; however, bulls do manage to escape sometimes from their designated route.

Of all ferias in Spain, Feria de Abril, a street fair held every April in the city of Seville, is the one attracting the most attention and visitor participation, with its lively atmosphere and ostentatious decorations.

The constant music, dancing and drinking is estimated to attract one million visitors annually to Seville, specifically for this event. Another charming and emotionally contagious event is the February Carnival, held al over Spain, which lasts for days and is always packed with parades, costumes and overall partying enthusiasm.

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